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Tooth Extraction

We believe in restoring every tooth as each tooth is precious & our goal is to do the best to prevent tooth loss. However still sometimes it’s necessary to extract your tooth for certain reasons.

Let’s have a look at some of the symptoms of tooth extraction:

  • Sever decayed / infected teeth that cannot be salvaged.
  • Advanced gum disease leading to mobile teeth.
  • Orthodontic correction.
  • Malpositioned teeth.
  • Fractured teeth or roots
  • mpacted teeth

Is extraction of teeth a painful procedure ?

Relax! It’s totally a painless procedure. A patient needs to follow various pain management procedures before and after the extraction of the teeth. Before extraction it is always advised to start a course of antibiotics & analgesics to minimise the infection thereby reduce the pain. Also local anesthesia is given before the procedure thereby making it a relatively painless procedure. However proper post-extraction care is also required.

What are the post - extraction instructions?

  • It is recommended not to spit or talk for half an hour after the extraction of the tooth .
  • Apply ice from outside, i.e. externally in the area where the tooth was extracted.
  • No eating for half an hour.
  • Restrict your diet to something soft and cold for that particular day.
  • Continue the medicinies for the number of days as prescribed.