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Dental implants are titanium inserts that replace tooth roots. These implants are meant to provide foundation for permanent or removable teeth that match your natural teeth. The procedure is very straightforward. The titanium bonds with the bone forming a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Posts protruding through the gums when attached to the implants provide an anchor for the artificial teeth.

  • Single implant to full mouth implants
  • Implants with lifetime warranty
  • Implant crown
  • Implant fixed partial Denture
  • Implant Overdenture
  • Hybrid Dentures

Single tooth replacement

A single implant is placed.
Individually made ceramic crowns look and feel like natural teeth.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

A Bridge supported on implants.
Natural looking replacement for missing teeth

Full mouth replacement of teeth

A. With Removable implant overdenture: Removable Implant Overdenture

  • Cost effective option.
  • New teeth are attached to 2 or more dental implants.
  • The prosthesis is removable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The need for denture adhesive is eliminated.

B. With Fixed implant supported bridges:

  • More durable solution
  • The prosthesis is secured on 4 or more dental implants.
  • It is not removable from the oral cavity.
  • This solution stimulates bone, restores chewing function and maintains taste sensation.

How are implants better than complete dentures?

Nowadays more and more people are choosing dental implants for smile restoration rather than the complete dentures. Conventional dentures can cause discomfort and doesn’t fit in properly. Once you have lost your natural teeth. Your jawbone begins to shrink and change in shape. This can result in improper chewing, pain and difficulty in speaking. Dental implants feel and function like the natural teeth. They are strong, stable and securely attached to the jaw; that fits comfortably.

Are dental implants for me?

You need to consult with us, taking the appointment, and we will examine your condition and as part of the evaluation process, different types of x-rays will be required in order to find out bone quality and quantity. A CT scan can also be required in this case.

Who can go for Dental Implants?

Anyone who is healthy enough to undergo an oral surgery can opt for dental implants. One needs to have healthy gums and enough bone. Above all, he/she must stick to a good oral hygiene and shouldn’t miss out on the dentist’s appointment.